Friday, January 4, 2013

Hello 2013!!! This is another new beginning which i am looking forward to.
Now, looking back at 2012, there are so many things that were learnt and experienced. 
From the past leanings, I WISH TO IMPROVE myself in 2013. Now that would be my resolution. 
Improving my emotional state, my bad habits, my bad tantrums and also
not to be so judgemental on myself. 
 I am also really glad that i have very supportive boyfriend and friends that
knows what i am going through and stand by me whenever i need them. 

Started the new year's with Theng Chuan's gang where we wrote our
new year's resolution in a piece of paper and keep it in a Black Label bottle. 
I've wrote three wishes that i hope to achieve this year:-

To own one LV bag, one Prada bag and one Hermes Bracelet. 

Looks not to hard to achieve but seems like a challenge for me =p
 Anyways, i am looking forward to this new year and hope i can achieve my 3 wishes.

As for this very beginning of the year, I wish to renew my BFF vows. 
Things have happened so vividly that i'll never forget this awful experience/memories. 
I would like to make it clear to myself that I should make friends and appreciate those who
truly matters and ignore the ones that are awfully ignorant. 
After much had happened, memories that i've been through with a friend of mine
whom i treated as my sister, my best friend, my advisor - all this had gone the wrong way.
Regret to say that in year 2013, i only realised that the person whom matters much to me
was an ugly monster that i should not keep. 

Things were so ugly to the extend that lies, insincerity, unappreciative 
and things that a friend wouldn't do were clearly portrayed right in front of my eyes. 

On the other hand, this has also given my the opportunity to see what true friends are.
Friends that REALLY stood by me when i was feeling down. 
A BFF that hold my hand and walk me through the dark path till i can see
myself clearly and then guided me back to the correct path. 
Hence, this year, i wish to put in more effort to these people that
really made me feel so special.
I am really glad/ thankful that god have given me these people
to guide and hold me when i needed them most.

Next, I hope i'll be able to start a business of my own. 
Need less to say, ideas just popped into my mind while i was at work
and the very moment, i started a Facebook page of my business service. 
Since I graduated in Graphic Design with 3 years advertising experience, 
I have decided that it is time to put my EVO VIRUS to live. 

Hence i have started a local 'Express' design services which you
may check it out here:

Do appreciate your kind support here by liking the page =D

Till here then, will try to keep up with as many updates as i can.

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