Friday, January 4, 2013

Hello 2013!!! This is another new beginning which i am looking forward to.
Now, looking back at 2012, there are so many things that were learnt and experienced. 
From the past leanings, I WISH TO IMPROVE myself in 2013. Now that would be my resolution. 
Improving my emotional state, my bad habits, my bad tantrums and also
not to be so judgemental on myself. 
 I am also really glad that i have very supportive boyfriend and friends that
knows what i am going through and stand by me whenever i need them. 

Started the new year's with Theng Chuan's gang where we wrote our
new year's resolution in a piece of paper and keep it in a Black Label bottle. 
I've wrote three wishes that i hope to achieve this year:-

To own one LV bag, one Prada bag and one Hermes Bracelet. 

Looks not to hard to achieve but seems like a challenge for me =p
 Anyways, i am looking forward to this new year and hope i can achieve my 3 wishes.

As for this very beginning of the year, I wish to renew my BFF vows. 
Things have happened so vividly that i'll never forget this awful experience/memories. 
I would like to make it clear to myself that I should make friends and appreciate those who
truly matters and ignore the ones that are awfully ignorant. 
After much had happened, memories that i've been through with a friend of mine
whom i treated as my sister, my best friend, my advisor - all this had gone the wrong way.
Regret to say that in year 2013, i only realised that the person whom matters much to me
was an ugly monster that i should not keep. 

Things were so ugly to the extend that lies, insincerity, unappreciative 
and things that a friend wouldn't do were clearly portrayed right in front of my eyes. 

On the other hand, this has also given my the opportunity to see what true friends are.
Friends that REALLY stood by me when i was feeling down. 
A BFF that hold my hand and walk me through the dark path till i can see
myself clearly and then guided me back to the correct path. 
Hence, this year, i wish to put in more effort to these people that
really made me feel so special.
I am really glad/ thankful that god have given me these people
to guide and hold me when i needed them most.

Next, I hope i'll be able to start a business of my own. 
Need less to say, ideas just popped into my mind while i was at work
and the very moment, i started a Facebook page of my business service. 
Since I graduated in Graphic Design with 3 years advertising experience, 
I have decided that it is time to put my EVO VIRUS to live. 

Hence i have started a local 'Express' design services which you
may check it out here:

Do appreciate your kind support here by liking the page =D

Till here then, will try to keep up with as many updates as i can.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

 Okies, i am back again..
its been a really boring month...
Been spending my time shopping, movies & staying at home..
ugghhh.. i am trying to save all my bucks for Hong Kong
My parents are planning a HK trip this coming Oct 
i can't wait...
i am afraid my saved bucks will be used up during this Mega Sales

I am currently addicted to Debenhams 
because they have nice designer dress there and all of them are from UK
i always have this second thought, whenever i shop in Topshop & Zara
this is because i'll always bump into someone wearing the same thing as i do
suck when this happen
lots of girls are buying dresses from Topshop nowadays
and whenever i found out that someone is wearing the same thing i had
the dress that i spend on will go into a plastic bag or left untouch
so there goes my money bucks!

Speaking of money bucks goes to waste,
That is why i did not get a credit card.
Which my mom & aunt have been pestering me to get one.
But i dun actually feel like getting one. 
I'd probably get a sub card from dad.. hehe...
So, my aunt was saying that i am always outdated.
Now if i were to recall, it was because of my aunt
i started FB account..
*blush in embarrassment*
So now she is trying to talk me into getting a credit card so that i am
not so outdated
whatever laa...

And yesterday i had a drink with Yvonne
she too said the same thing to me..
why am i so outdated for not having instagram..
i just feel like i AM outdated..
so NOW, i shall keep myself updated..
Instagram was launch in Oct 2010
and i was outdated for 2 years
Glad that Yvonne managed to make me get Instagram

Friday, June 8, 2012

Bored!! This is what happened XD

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

World Peace!!!

Ignore this look.. just for the sake of being stupid~

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Friendly update peeps :)
Here are some photos to enjoy..

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Hi there,

Here i am again. Its been awhile since i wrote. Have been a really rough month since my boss left to Australia. Things were a lot different without him around. This made me cherish all that he has fight and done for all of us. Without him seems empty - felt almost like no one even cared about all of us. It boils down to just work itself. Passion no more. Just plain work.

Apart of work, nothing too extraordinary here. The usual ups and down of life. And getting to see some flashbacks of the past coming to the surface. Feelings have been weird as well. I hope it is due to the stressful working days and not something else that itch my feelings this way. Have to admit that its been really hectic at work which gets me agitated very easily.

My patience have been really terrible lately. I cannot tolerate certain things which is also irritating towards other people. I've been dealing with my anger management but to no avail this time round. I get really mad at things all of a sudden. But thank god, it is at minimum anger level. Bursting anger will be a prove of a serious problem (hoping i will never burst out in anger). After watching Avengers, i feel like a resemblance of the Hulk XD

Apart from all the anger, i do have my good moments. Bought a nice peplum top which goes well with a pink skirt that i did not get the chance to wear. Also, bought a ribbon waist belt. It is cute. Got myself 10 boxes of instax film, i know, its too many for me to use but who cares hahah.. i like spending my money this way :P will be going to Vietnam sometime next month - Hanoi. Ohh la la... its a beach vacation with the company. Well, there will be a bit of training involve but knowing me, i do not give a shit about training.

I am in need of shoes, dress, tops, shorts & red polka dot swim wear.

This become my major dilemma now~ i have this imagination of a colorful high heels that i wish to own. i am looking for some cute tops to match with the shorts and a cute flat to complete the whole look.

Ughhh.. so tempting... sigh..

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Updates from Malacca <3
Pics of us doing funny things...

The Bug Out look

The alien look...

Chipmunk style...

This is the both of them...

Bug eyed..

Crazy emo at the field..

Night out for Mercedes Stylo Event

Voila.. Name card for the new company, stay tune for more :)